• What does Dotterel develop?

    There are currently three core components to our technology suite:

    • Acoustic shrouds designed to direct propeller noise away from the ground and comprising noise absorbing nanofiber.
    • Low noise propellers specifically designed for quieter flight.
    • Onboard noise filtering hardware and software for audio recording.

  • How does the noise reducing technology work?

    We develop shrouds for UAV / drone propellers which have acoustic properties. The propellers and motors constitute the majority of the noise, we are reducing the propeller noise through shrouding, which reduces the turbulence on the propeller tips. The shrouds have innovative acoustic materials incorporated that specifically absorb noise within the speech ranges. Our shroud also protects along with the reduced noise and with it, we can also make sure the efficiency goes up enough that it counteracts the weight of the shroud, so you don’t lose flight time. We are developing solutions to reduce motor noise as well as provide on board audio recording, active filtering (of remaining noise) and transmission.

  • By how much do the shrouds reduce noise?

    At the moment, we can get it so that the UAV sounds as if it’s about twice as far away from where it actually is. The propeller shroud also absorbs sound within the speech ranges and deflects noise up and away from under the UAV further lowering the perceived noise below.

  • Are the shrouds available for purchase?

    We are working towards licensing our technology and are already talking to a number of UAV companies around the world to further develop and demonstrate on commercially available systems.

    If you are interested in working with us, please drop us a note from our contact page.