Our proprietary solutions encompass active and passive noise cancelling technologies in our flagship Dotterel NRS products. UAV’s and multicopters equipped with Dotterel NRS will not only be quieter allowing use in unique and restricted locations, but also able to transmit processed audio with UAV noise filtered.

Passive noise reduction

Lightweight motor shrouds lined with nano-fibre acoustic dampening materials reduce and direct radiated noise skyward. This greatly reduces noise pollution as experienced from the ground and enhances direct sound recording ability from the UAV.

Shrouding offers the additional benefit of protecting your UAV asset, surroundings and operators.

Active noise filtering

Aided by passive noise reduction the audio stream is filtered in real-time onboard the UAV, to remove the remaining drone noise. The filtered stream is transmitted wirelessly to the ground base-station.

Agritech Solutions

We develop, test and deploy technologies for field trial monitoring, integrating aerial imagery, on board sensors and data acquisition for tailored customer solutions. Our inaugural 2015/2016 season saw our team provide regulatory assistance, multispectral imagery and data analysis of corn field trials within New Zealand’s North Island.