Our Tech

Our proprietary solutions encompass passive noise reduction and active audio recording technologies for UAVs. Multicopters equipped with Dotterel technology are not only quieter and safer, but also able to transmit clean aerially-captured audio

UAV Noise Reduction QHL2 by Dotterel - drone noise reduction

Acoustic Safety Shroud capability
Our Acoustic Safety Shroud is made from light-weight acoustic materials and utilizes a quiet rotor system with the added advantage of enhanced safety.
• Uses lightweight acoustic nanomaterials
• Duct design directs sound upwards away from the ground while increasing rotor efficiency
• Provides safety without the negative effects of rotor cages
• Shrouds successfully tested on UAVs with 7” to 30” rotors.

30” shrouded propeller platform

  • Fully shrouded 30” blades
  • 105 kg (231 lb) thrust motors
  • 20 kg (44 lb) payload capacity
  • Achieved 64 dB at 10m
UAV Audio Recording by Dotterel - Drone Noise Reduction.

Aerial Audio Sensor our real-time audio recording system

Our Aerial Audio Recording systems provides patented audio acquisition with real-time noise filtering and adjustable capture directionality.

  • Utilizes world first linear MEMs array microphone for audio capture
  • On-board filtering allows transmission of audio with video, or two-way speech communication with the UAV
  • Software platform allows directivity/beam patterns to be adjusted to suit environment

Aerial Audio Sensor AC3

  • Real-time audio capture
  • Adjustable directivity
  • Streams either beam-formed or filtered audio
  • Lightweight payload for UAVs