Regulation is coming

Our proprietary solutions encompass active and passive noise cancelling technologies in our flagship Dotterel NRS products. UAV’s and multicopters equipped with Dotterel NRS will not only be quieter allowing use in unique and restricted locations, but also able to transmit processed audio with UAV noise filtered.

UAV regulation is on the way

The rapid growth of UAV use and the intrusiveness of their noise on communities and in rural areas is being matched by increasing government interest. It is likely that noise-mitigation will become government-mandated and enforced.

Our leading UAV noise reduction technology can significantly extend the uses of UAVs, benefiting operators and recognising, early, an increasingly regulated operating environment.

How do our designs compare with conventional UAVs?

We has designed, manufactured and demonstrated working prototypes that have cut perceived noise below the UAV by 40%, or 4 dBa. Our development and demonstration programs target a 6-10 dBa reduction.

Being first to market with highly defensible technology, Dotterel is in a strong position to become the global industry standard for the next generation of drones for manufacturers, enterprises, end users and legislators.

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