New Zealand quiet drone, or UAV, technology leader Dotterel will this week launch a world-first audio capture system that enables remote live broadcasting from UAVs in flight.

It will be launched by Dotterel’s CEO, Shaun Edlin, at the world’s premier show for the broadcasting industry, the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters, in Las Vegas.

The show will host more than 100,000 delegates and 1700 exhibitors. In 2016, Dotterel took out News Shooter’s most innovative product award, which is made at the NAB Show.

“UAVs are highly valued in the broadcasting and film-making industries,” Edlin said, “but conventional designs are extremely noisy, making it impossible to get highly valued direct audio to and from UAVs in .

“This year, Dotterel has combined its significant noise reduction technology for large UAVs in a new, smaller UAV with technology developed by our engineers in to deliver a real-time, in-flight audio recording system.”

Edlin said Dotterels’ AC3 UAV-audio system provides aerial audio recording capabilities, with real-time noise filtering and adjustable directionality for precise audio capture.



  • Utilizes world-first 80 microphone linear MEMS array for audio capture
  • Pre-mission adjustable audio capture area
  • On-board filtering that allows transmission of audio with video, or
  • Records either beam-formed or filtered audio, and
  • A software platform that allows microphone beam patterns to be adjusted to suit the environment.

The new AC3 UAV capabilities, which also ready incorporates other Dotterel-developed UAV noise reduction technologies, are:

  • 15” blades
  • 20 minutes flight time, and
  • HD video.

About Dotterel

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Dotterel is a developer of award-winning noise reduction and audio-recording technology for drones.

Its proprietary technology includes acoustic safety shrouds that use light-weight nano-materials, low-noise rotor systems and novel microphone arrays for recording filtered audio from drones in real-time.

Further information: Shaun Edlin, Chief Executive Officer, Dotterel : +64 221 062 757