What’s a UAV?

Our proprietary solutions encompass active and passive noise cancelling technologies in our flagship Dotterel NRS products. UAV’s and multicopters equipped with Dotterel NRS will not only be quieter allowing use in unique and restricted locations, but also able to transmit processed audio with UAV noise filtered.

What is a UAV, or a drone, and why use them?

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems), sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) – or just drones. They include very large military machines, usually used where piloted flight is too risky – down to small drones flown for fun.

The military UAVs can loiter over an area for more than 17 hours, sending back real-time images of ground activity. They have been used to deliver weapons strikes, controlled by operators thousands of kilometres from their bases.

More peacefully, smaller UAVs are ideal for a wide range of commercial and recreational uses.

These include mapping and surveying, defence, agriculture, mining, real estate, search and rescue, deliveries, film making, oil and gas, research, power utilities, construction, infrastructure, safety and security.

But conventional drones are extremely noisy. It limits using them:

  • In residential areas for deliveries, aerial photography for real-estate, film making and inspection of construction and infrastructure
  • In rural areas where livestock can be distressed by noise
  • In audio detection, such as in locating survivors in search and rescue missions
  • Where subjects of nature research and feature films are startled by noise
  • Where stealth is required for security and defence applications, and
  • In urban mobility where companies such as Uber are is looking at using drones to transport people.

Dotterel Technologies helps solve the drone noise problem:

We are doing this with our innovative, first-to-market noise reduction and audio recording technology.

We develop, test and deploy technologies for field trial monitoring, integrating aerial imagery, on board sensors and data acquisition for tailored customer solutions.

Our inaugural 2015/2016 season saw our team provide regulatory assistance, multi-spectral imagery and data analysis of corn field trials within New Zealand’s North Island.

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